Overview Edit

An Arovinoea with a new Type of Car Chassis: YavinChassis - A chassis that can be used as SS3.34/SS3.57/SS5, SuperChassis base/EV/PHEV, OpenChassis/ATS, CyOS, R-Chassis/A-Chassis, DynamicKZ, or Regular Chassis; but  has a very different way of Operations: License plates are custom for the Users that Own that Car. The Gas Meter And/Or Electricity Meter can be refueled at a Gas or Electricity Station. The chassis was developed by Aerodos12. The Yavin OS Chassis now has a flip system that actually flips the car

Features Edit

  • Music Player
  • Speedometer
  • Head Light and Tail Light Switches
  • A working 2 Gear Engine
  • Flip System

Examples Edit