Vice (Previously Axial) was a small car producer. the company was founded sometime in 2013 and is dying quickly.


Harryman66 was building some cars when he decided to make a car company. he had chose the name axial and his original intention was to become a better builder. when he got BC, he made a group for axial. it had gotten to about 20-25 members before he changed the name. when he chose vice for a name, he made a new group. the group got to about 15 members before is started losing members. the most recent car from vice is the cavallo, but its had poor sales due to not being able to drive.

Vice's Relations with other CompaniesEdit

Kastell Good
P&C Good
Other Good

Vice and Kastell:

  • Vice used FOS and redesigned it as KiS.
  • When Kastell switched to SS3, Vice gave it lights and previously mentioned KiS.

Vice and P&C:

  • Have had a rough history with each other, but its long resolved.


Car Name Vice Axial Builder
Competition No Yes Harryman66
Cavallo Yes Yes Harryman66
Plateau/MVL No Yes Maheenstar1/Harryman66
CTN II No Yes Harryman66
Shockwave No Yes Harryman66
Icarus No Yes Harryman66
Swan No Yes Harryman66
Solitude Yes No Harryman66
Aqualia No Yes Harryman66
Croc No Yes Harryman66
Northwest No Yes Harryman66
Xeno Yes Yes Harryman66
Boa Yes Yes Harryman66
Cabet Yes No Lope222/Harryman66
Rulex No Yes Jreo03
Trantula No Yes Harryman66
V80 Yes No


Notice: many cars are missing here.