RIMS 2015 Stand

RIMS 2015 Stand


The current Trimp Auto logo.

Trimp Auto was a company started in early 2012 with two founders both of which set a goal to overtake CF. It has been a rough journey for this company in the industry, after being insulted by CF's commander in chief ChequeredFlag1, the owner set out to overtake CF to prove that he could do it. He grouped up with another person who shared the same goal, who, at the time, worked for CFRail ironically.


Trimp Auto; after about one hundred thousand plus tix spent on ads, seemingly succeeded. Until late 2013 when the group dipped into inactivity and went through major reform after exiling over five hundred people which didn't solve the problem. In 2015 the owner has shared that he plans on closing down the group, and starting a new car company. The name of which is still to be decided.

Different Cars ReleasedEdit

They've released over 5 cars over the years, due to a very quick boost in members. After the accident, the owner didn't make any more cars. Although he says he is making more, we don't expect to see any from him soon, as he is known to procrastinate.

   Name            Release Year       Type

Trimp Nevermoor--------2013------------SUV

Trimp White Leapord----2012------------Sports

Trimp JS---------------2013------------Sedan

Trimp Panther----------2013------------Saloon

Trimp Vampire GTS------2014------------Race Car

Trimp Affari-----------2014------------Sedan


- Trimp Trifuge I-S, unveiled at RIMS2015

- Trimp RV, unveiled at SAS2013