Founding/Origins Edit

Raycast Motors was founded by Zephyred in early 2015, taking the role as the luxury division of Avanta Car Company, creating sleek, high-performance vehicles. Only a select few people were let in the group to discuss vehicle and group development.

Group ChangesEdit

Around June of 2015, Zephyred resigned as CEO of Raycast to revolve more around it's main division, Avanta Car Company. As of this, Tmler (now known as SoulTim) took group ownership and volunteered to finish the group's concept electric sports car, the MR6.

Shortly after, SoulTim resigned as CEO to leave the fictional car community to pursue a career in the non-fictional car community. The group was then handed over to CasablancaZach (now known as RotaryRX8), who volunteered to swap the group's flagship sports car, the Veight, and the group's concept electric sports car, the MR6, to the group's custom SS3.33 after ATS 1.4+'s downfall. Each vehicle also was treated to a minor facelift. After RotaryRX8 had taken ownership, the group had officially become open to the public after a short vote.

Vehicle Models/LineupEdit

Veight: the Raycast Veight was the group's first vehicle originally developed by Zephyred in spring of 2015 and released around summer of 2015, the same time he had resigned as CEO of the group. The Veight is a midsize grand-tourer sedan boasting a 4.0L V8 turbo producing 419 HP and 395 Nm of torque. The Veight then received a facelift by it's third owner, RotaryRX8, as well as being swapped to Raycast's custom SS3.33.

MR6: The Raycast MR6 was the group's second vehicle originally developed by Zephyred in spring of 2015 but was never finished due to his resignment. After SoulTim had taken ownership, he had volunteered to finish the car and release it to the public. The MR6 is a rear-engined compact concept electric sports car featuring a 3-phase AC induction battery motor that could reach up to speeds of 0-60 in just 3 seconds, featuring Raycast's custom SS3.33. The MR6 could also reach a top speed of 155 MPH (250 SPS).

Maxime Prototype: The Raycast Maxime Prototype was originally developed by carcar4859 (now known as 4859carcar) around winter 2015 but unfortunately never made it to the market due to not meeting Raycast's building standards. the Maxime Prototype is a midsize hatchback built for transporting multiple people and moving objects.