Openchassis 5.4

OpenChassis (usually abbreviated as OC) is a feature-rich all-in-one chassis developed by Zephyred in 2012. OpenChassis is installed in cars from Avanta, and other companies. It's often compared with DynamicKZ, SS, and CyOS, although it shares the most features with the closed-source A-Chassis, mainly used by Dragonite Auto.


Early versionsEdit

The working title of OpenChassis was project Endeavour. The first version of OpenChassis was released on October 9th 2012. It was a tool-driven seat system which completely replaced the Vehicleseat system. At the time, the concept of turning wheels was in the middle of its breakthrough. Version 2 was released in June 2013, removing the tool with a more reliable key-input system. Version 3 was released in August 2013, which introduced an early suspension system, expanded GUI and many features like cruise control. During the lifespan of V3 a train oriented spin-off was made. This spin-off would later evolute into T-OS, used at Zephyred's Elder Terminal. Version 4 was released in January 2014, it was the first rework of the engine code and moved a lot of GUI functionality to the keyboard. Later version would come available with an interior and media system.

OpenChassis 5.XEdit

OpenChassis 5 was released in July 2014 and is the most recent major release today. The suspension system was replaced with a different type which is more flexible and is able to take more forces. Since OpenChassis 5.3, it is powered by VehicleSeat's controls

ATS & DynDSEdit

In January 2015, Zephyred started with an overhaul of OpenChassis 5.4. During the creation of OpenChassis 6.0, a major decision was taken. It was decided that OpenChassis would be split up into two products. The absolute minimum system of the chassis were turned into Angular Turning System. ATS represents the hardware of a car, which consists of steering, driving, gears, and suspension. ATS is meant to be as easily for developers to work with. Features that are not essential for driving (which OpenChassis had plenty of) are not included in ATS, but must be placed on top of this system. ATS is optimized to work with chassis enhancers like DKZ, CyOS, and DynDS. The features from OpenChassis that were not suitable for ATS are migrated into DynDS. DynDS stands for Dynamic Drive System and consists of OpenChassis' GUI system and non-essential features like handbrake, cruise control, lighting and suspension height.