What is Mirari? Edit

Mirari 2016 Logo

Mirari Motors is a relatively famous car company founded in early 2015 by ArchitectRBLX and iAmThrashing. An exact date cannot be said because the time of the idea being born and the group being created are reasonably quite far apart (by a couple of months).

Mirari specialise in making futuristic and ultra-modern cars.

The company uses a full-electric engine (all of their cars have an electric sound) that is one of the fastest ever made on ROBLOX, with the special chassis (OneChassis, made by iAmThrashing) providing full stability on smooth terrain and exceptionally good handling on all terrains. OneChassis is currently in it's closed-beta stage, only being used on iAmThrashing's cars and not yet ready for all of Mirari's car builders to use.

Cars Edit

Mirari Electrica

Mirari Electrica by iAmThrashing Edit

Mirari's first ever car was constructed shortly after both founders agreed to the idea of the new company. It was displayed privately to ArchitectRBLX, where he named it the 'Aurora'. iAmThrashing changed the name to this but the car was named 'Aura' from an accidental reading error by Thrashing and, realising that this copied a name of one of Avanta's cars, it was changed back to 'Electrica'. The car has not changed since.


Mirari Nebula

Mirari Nebula by ArchitectRBLX Edit

The second car in the company was made shortly after the private release of the Electrica, and is an improved version of the Belton Mirari, the former car made by ArchitectRBLX that gave the new company it's name. The old grey paint was replaced by a better paintjob that was a decal of a nebula pasted on to almost all parts of the car.

Mirari Vitaliser by iAmThrashing Edit

Mirari Vitaliser

iAmThrashing created Mirari's first famous car named the 'Vitaliser', a detailed Caparo T1-looking car with a high top-speed and reactive handling, easily capable of becoming a race car. It's cockpit is made completely of triangles and the paintjob is a deep orange. This one of Mirari's best cars ever made and still is gaining as many sales as it did after release.