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Mercury Motors is a currently defunct automobile manufacturer that specializes in building low part count cars.

Mercury Motors
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Old Mercury Motors Logo

Information (to be reorganized):

  • Mercury Motors was founded by Tedsnipeu. It made classic cars like the ones in pictures uploaded.
  • Afterwards, Tedsnipeu gave power to wario50 to control the group. It contiuned to produce cars similar to that of before. In this period, there were contests for building cars. In this period, cars such as the M.M Downforce and M.M life were created by users other than the group owners.
  • After, M.M was bought out by Segars Motors, which makes simple but much larger automobiles.
  • Segars Motors gave the power to odd, who currently holds the group. It is defunct, and it's logo has since changed to a wreck of a retrofuturistic vehicle.