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September 5, 2014



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Plusile(BreakfastMaster, Gamecube44, super448, SUPER448S, icebluecoldi)


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Kraken Automotive is a currently very unmentioned group on Roblox. The group is owned by Plusile formerly known as BreakfastMaster, Icebluecoldi, Gamecube44, SUPER448S, SUPER448S2, and super448. The group is planning on building vehicles that have medium quality.


Kraken Automotive is tiny known but has an amazingly long history. Plusile was formerly known as (BreakfastMaster, Icebluecoldi, Gamecube44, SUPER448S2, SUPER448S, super448) which the last one was his original name and goes up to what his name changed to. He really liked Jarod645's group Cyborg Automotive so he made his own high-tech named group called Cyber Automotive but Jarod645 disliked that so Plusile was forced to rename his group. He asked Aeuri what a good name was he gave him a list of names, Aeuri suggested Kraken Automotive. Thus Kraken Automotive was born. But in the past it was known as a company called The Pizza Roll Fanclub which mostly copied cars due to the fact at the time Plusile was a horrid builder, the group was a group for fans of pizza rolls but Plusile (known as Gamecube44 at the time) said it now was a fan group of their cars. The name changed to Green Motors later on but copied way more cars than The Pizza Roll Fan Club ever did. Then the name changed to Zorro Automobiles which actually made their own cars since Plusile became a better builder. But then Plusile thought the name Zorro Automobiles was boring so he changed it to Enkei Automotive which the Enkei was from the Enjin Enkei made by RikOne2 since Plusile thought the name looked cool. But later on Plusile changed the name to Kraken Automotive. The logo was suggested by MonsterLuck, Plusile was clueless on what to make the logo look like so MonsterLuck suggested Kraken tentacles. So now we have a car company known as Kraken Automotive that makes their own creative and innovative vehicles.


Bronco Car TrailerEdit

The flagship car trailer of Kraken that has side panels that contain buttons that control the functions of the trailer.

Variants: 10 1/2w 18l (Measured with the Allaxe Iridium)

Historical VehiclesEdit

Capricorn 100Edit

A half ton pickup that was the first thing Kraken Automotive ever produced. It was discontinued due to quality issues.

Variants: SCSB (short cab, short bed), CCSB (crew cab, short bed)

Generations: 1