Ignition Magazine Logo... Made by SavannahRaine1

Ignitiion Magazine was a project started by rockintyler8 sometime in June 2012.  It was a magazine company inspired by RoGo, and it is currently (as of December 2012) an ongoing project.


After being created, the magazine got support from many car companies, such as KZ Automobiles , CF Motors , and at a later time Blue Motors.

Magazine GiverEdit

Founder rockintyler8 succeeded in making a working giver, something RoGo was unable to do.  The giver worked by having the user take the "Giver" model and the "Magazine" model.  This way, places would allow the giver to give visitors a copy of the new magazine.  The giver was popular among the automotive industry... to a point where even Blueice506 , chequeredflag1 , and KRio99 took it.  The model even spent some time in the CF Motors Headquarters, until its removal after the September Shutdown.

September ShutdownEdit

After rockintyler8 lost inspiration in the project, he gave up.  Planning to revive the project on a later date, he had buddyman1999 hold the group.


The project was revived on December 9, 2012 from rockintyler8's increased interest.  New rules were put in place that made all groups have a representative.  

Sponsoring CompaniesEdit

The following is a list of companies who sponsor (participate in) Ignition Magazine Events.

Company Owner Representative* Major? Suspended?
CF Motors chequeredflag1 none Yes No
KZ Automobiles KRio99 KRio99 Yes No
Blue Motors Blueice506 Blueice506 Yes No
Raptor Motors fastcar34 fastcar34 Yes No
Avanta Car Company Immi none Yes No
Gavril Automotive Blueice506 buddyman1999 No No
Trimp Auto lambomaster none No No
Ikeda Motors

Coldplay765 none No No
Invicta Motors KingMattFan none No No
Roblox Motors Company HKS23 none No No
Robo Motors robo2117 none No No

*Person informing the magazine on events happening in his or her group.
**Pending Review