The Beginning

Started out in August of 2012, it was a very small company, no one probably even know this company existed. Two users by the names of Furricane and Awesomedirtbiker9 started it all, the company started out by building cars for enjoyment and not really for the public. These two were users who would build cars at games such as Build n' Race.

The Spread

Once Furricane met somebody named Unknown7890, HKS23 and him allowed Furricane and Emmerian Motors to have a stand at the auto show. They showed the "2013 EMC Superior", even being the biggest fail of Emmerian Motors yet, it actually brought attention for its looks. The car was later out of the picture.

Things got better as soon as Emmerian Motors hit the auto shows, having many success; the ROBLOX International Motor Show 2014 held the best success of every stand Emmerian has ever had. That was also the time when MoparDJCJ became CO-CEO of the Auto Company.

Cars through-out the late 2013 and the entire 2014 year were the biggest success the company had. The 2014 Emmerian Nevada (Pick-Up) and Velocita Superiore (Super) were probably the best cars around the time.

Ultimate Success

Having a competitor automotive company (JM Motors) mostly fueled by hatred of the companies, Emmerian Motors beat them in; Detail, Performance, Sales, Fans, Love, and being the last one standing of the two. The biggest Successor soon arises in the 2014 Sunshine Auto-show hosted by Blueice506. Emmerian Motors wanted to surprise the hell out of the viewers, so they built one of the fastest cars in the industry, while maintaining superior detail. This successor was named the "2015 Emmerian Motors Hurricane". A premium edition that had a low price of around 130 Robux was completed with the interior and engine details. The free version, being a lot faster, still had the sleek looks and performance, it has around 3.5K sales on the date of Janruary 1st 2015. After that, some beautiful machines arose such as the 1929 Emmerian Gusenburg, and the 2015 Emmerian Motors Luxury SUV Mandalay.

The End is to Come

The Company having a good run, Furricane plans on quitting the ROBLOX auto industry, mostly due to time being a pain. Although that being said, one more ultimate successor is to arise. Won't be the fastest, but it sure will be the best.