Current Version


Developed by

Rivion Technology

Developed for

KZ Corporate and satellites

DynamicKZ is a function and control system developed by Rivion Technology for Aeuri, KZ Automobiles, and satellites. DynamicKZ is installed in all KZ Automobiles and Rivion Automotive™ vehicles post-April 2014, and will likely be installed on Grandeur Automobiles and Guestfield Motorworks vehicles in the near future.


DynamicKZ was in development since February 2014 and came out as a alpha version in April 2014 on a test vehicle. The first car to be released with DynamicKZ pre-installed was the 3rd Generation KZ Cascade, in May 2014, although version 1.2.0 installed on the Cascade was developed earlier, so the info menu labels it as April 2014.

Future DevelopmentEdit

Not too much information will be disclosed about future versions of DynamicKZ, although version 2.0 is already being developed. Some information that will be revealed is about some features included in it, although none of these are guaranteed to be in the final version. Some are control changing in settings, a media tab, and turning wheels. Version 2.0 is expected to be out by July 2014.



As of now, CyOS is DynamicKZ's main competitor. As of now, it is installed in both CF Motors and Cyborg Automotive vehicles. It is developed by Jarod645 and the current version is installed on 400 series Cyborg vehicles.


"OpenChassis was one of the most advanced Robloxian car technology systems before CyOS, and in some instances still is. It was created by Immi (currently known as Zephyred) and is used in all Avanta vehicles. It includes a suspension system, a rev system, a GUI spedometer, and a gearing system, as well as a custom chassis with steering wheels that is not based off of the stock Roblox chassis system." -CyOS Article