Design & Style Auto Show 2012




November 24, 2012


Avanta Car Company, Blue Motors, CF Motors, Folstak Motors, Grandeur Automobiles, JM Motors, KZ Automobiles, Robo Motors

Design & Style Auto Show 2012 was held on November 24th, 2012, hosted by unknown7890. It had more than 460 visits by the end of the day it was held.

The ShowEdit

Here is a list of all cars showcased at the show.

Avanta Car Company

Avanta Jupa Concept, Avanta A325 Concept

Blue Motors

2013 BMC Diminutive Raw Concept, 2013 BMC Arrowhead Raw Concept, Unnamed Blue Motors Supercar Concept, 2013 BMC Aero Crew Cab Concept, 2013 BMC Lextur Wagon Concept

CF Motors

2013 CF Grand Tourer Concept, 2013 CF Grand Tourer Wagon Concept, 2013 CF Legacy, 2013 CF Legacy Echleon Facelift

Folstak Motors

2013 Folstak Furioso, 2012 Folstak Seveness LXT, 2012 Folstak FRT-10, 2012 Folstak MS-8, 2012 Folstak D-400 Chassis Cab

Grandeur Automobiles

2013 Grandeur Revelation Concept, Chuggle Chassis Concept

JM Motors

2013 JM Motors Cognate, 2013 JM Motors Grand Rapid, 2013 JM Motors Air, 2013 JM Motors Aventor Limited

KZ Automobiles

KZ Molecule Sedan, KZ Molecule Coupe, KZ Verve Annual Edition, KZ CV-250 Passenger

Robo Motors

1984 RM T12, 1984 RM M2, 2013 RM S1 Concept


It is rumored that Shedletsky was at the auto show for a brief amount of time, as multiple people report sighting his name in the chat menu, including robo2117.

After further checks, it shows Shedletsky was not online on the day of the autoshow and nor were any fake accounts of him. It is true, however, that stuntman007 attended and Diddleshot may have done so too.