Private Company


August 17, 2010






CF Motors was founded on 17th August 2010 by chequeredflag1, slightly before Blue Motors and after Avanta Car Company.

Over the years, CF have created a varying bunch of machines, some to be desired - some not. There was a period between mid-2011 and early 2012 where focuses on the vehicles were forgotten and customer service became the main focus. Whilst this was a good thing (they received 35,000 visits at their HQ and gained over 9000 sales there) their cars' quality was falling. This is now being picked up once more and the true abilities of the company shine through at each autoshow.

Thanks to the outstanding work of the CF staff, several famous ROBLOXians now own CFs. This list includes Diddleshot, stuntman007 and PeerPants. The company has also had relations with large war clans such as RoForce, UAF, and VS.

The company are currently the second largest of their type on ROBLOX and were the first to hit the 1000 member milestone, they did this days before Blue Motors overtook them.

Their management and staff roles have always been of a high quality and are planned to be re-worked once more in time for new year, and their new head-quarters. The current HQ and dealership will be sold off to make way for the new ones.