Boidsie Motors
Boidsie - Pure Passion.


Private Company


July 2009


Key People

Boidsie, DuckyOnQuack, KRio99




Pure Passion.

Boidsie Motors is considered the oldest automobile company on ROBLOX, and it heralded the beginning of the entire auto industry on ROBLOX. It was founded by Boidsie in July 2009. A couple of other companies were around at the time, but Boidsie was the largest and affected the ROBLOX world the most.

Boidsie continues to build cars to this day, but when Boidsi3 quit ROBLOX in 2011, a new group was formed by KRio99. However, the company produces vehicles on a smaller scale than when Boidsie was in charge and Boidsie Motors is not as active as it used to be.

IWantAFanta was the first or second developer at the company. He was known for acting rude towards almost everyone, going as far as calling DuckyOnQuack a "retarded monkey" after copying one of his cars and making a small edit of it, in spite of the fact that his own automobiles were not well built. He insulted the company regularly, and left it in late 2010. In 2013, he apologized for his immaturity and pointed out that he was only in sixth grade when he was developing cars.

DuckyOnQuack (formerly DatGuyRawkz) was another developer who was known for his insisting upon everything being perfect. He insulted others on a regular basis, but he did develop some decent cars before he quit ROBLOX some time ago.