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November 11th, 2009


Zephyred (Immi)


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Key People

Immi, RoPePeLk123






Avard Tuning (RDSR)

What is Avanta? Edit

Avanta is a Robloxian car manufacturer, and is one of the largest car producers on Roblox. The manufacturing group was founded by Immi(Zephyred) on November 7, 2009 and started out as a small group. It gained popularity with its launch of the A-30E and has since then become a larger car producer.

During the year of 2012, group RDSR (Red Devil Street Racers) became a racing and high-performance division of Avanta Car Company, and later the High-Performance Avanta's by RDSR group were called "Avard".We have been the most used car thanks to Mrjacobbeast for testing our cars.

Zephyred has left the Avanta group a while ago.

Well-Known Cars Made by Avanta Edit

Over the years, Avanta has developed many cars that went on to become successful. The A-30E is one of the most popular cars in Roblox. Here is a list of some of the most successful cars ever produced by Avanta.



A30-B Avanta Crystal Sport

2004 Flowback II ST

2003 Avanta Revolt

2004 Avanta Eclipse II

2002 Avanta Hyako

Avanta A20-R

Avanta A40-C

Avanta Overlander Interior

Avanta Overlander Interior

Avanta Overlander 2015

2015 Avanta Overlander Thumbnail

1986 Avanta Apache AX

1992 Avanta Apache BX

1996 Avanta Apache CX

Avanta A50-C

Avanta Syntus

Avanta Syntus Reva

2011 Avanta Stratos

2011 Avanta Stratos II

2011 Avanta Dash-7

2011 Avanta Annaconda II

2011 Avanta Supernova

Avanta E30

RobloxScreenShot01242016 110329943

2016 Avanta Zapax Hybrid Taxi interior

2014 New Fluffy 214 Avanta Zeta Classic

2016 Avanta Xapax Hybrid Taxi

2016 Avanta Zapax Hybrid Taxi

2014 Avanta Epsilon

2014 Avanta Tau (Break)

All these cars can be found in the Other Info Section by clicking the "Historic/Iconic Cars" link.

RECENT CARS (As of June 2015):

2014 Avanta Delta LX

2015 Avanta Zeta

2015 Avanta Zapax IV (SC)

2015 Avanta Rho

2015 Avanta Kappa

2015 Avanta Packer (Package)

2015 Avanta Eclipse VII Turbo

2015 Avanta Aura

2015 Avanta Trent

2015 Avanta Omicron (GT, PHV, C, XL)

2015 Avanta Pioneer (GT)

2015 Avanta Veloce R

2015 Avanta Overlander

2015 Avanta Phoenix

2015 Avanta TS-3500

2015 Avanta Epsilon

2015 Avanta XRay

2015 Avanta Mobio

2015.5 Avanta Eta (S, T, U )

2016 Avanta Sigma (GT, PHV)

All these cars can be found in the "Current Avanta Models" set link.


1991 Avanta Zeta

Avanta Overlander Interior

1980 Avanta Zeta

1991 Avanta Zeta Coupe

  • The Delta is the oldest car in the Current Avanta Models set remaining for about 11 months.

OpenChassis Edit

Main article: OpenChassis

Most modern Avantas use OpenChassis for more realism.

Trivia Edit

  • Since 2015, they rarely update their cars due to some unknown reasons.
  • Avanta is the first fictional car company in ROBLOX.