Overview Edit

Arovinoea Industries was founded around September 1st, 2015 by Aerodos12. he had a vision for Aerod (the capital of Robloxian Aerodia) where it would have its very own official car. The name was hard to conjure up after makeing the simples car you culd make on ROBLOX from the developer wiki, and then extending it rto where it would look like a racecar. That was the Arovinoea T10 as shown on the bottom.

The Next car that was produced days later was the Arovinoea T20. This Car Was made to test out the power of a motor on the back of a car. It was more rugged than the Arovinoea T10 as it had more bricks attached to it. It is also shown below.

The Latest car that came out on September 12, 2015, was the Arovinoea T30. This car is based off of Avanta's open chassis, except with organic Parts for the Model like wedges and parts. the car is easy to manage, but also very simple to where it does not require modeling knowledge to build. the Car is a 4 seater, and somewhat looks like a cross between the 2015 Avanta and the Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA car in real life. Then came the Arovinoea S Seriees cars. These cars are way bettter than the Arovinoea T Series as they stay intact, have more features that the T10 and T20,and they have a color scheme,in which keeps these cars from looking tackier than before. The pictures are below of the Arovinoea S and the Arovinoea S 2.

Technology to be determined Edit

1. The Yavin OS Edit

Arovinoea S2
Arovinoea T20
Arovinoea T30
An Arovinoea with a new Type of Car Chassis: YavinChassis - A chassis that can be an SS3 or SS4 PHEV; Even an OpenChassis, CyOS, A-Chassis,DynamicKZ, or Regular Chassis; but  has a very different way of Operations: License plates are custom for the Users that Own that Car. The Gas Meter And/Or Electricity Meter can be refueled at a Gas or Electricity Station. The cars may also have special UserInput Features that enable them to deter criminals in Virtual Aerodia - Car Thieves. The Car will have a specialFeature that only allows certain user to get in the car.