Apath Motors


Public Company


October 2011




3 (ApatheticAroblox, XDImpavido, Steaming1)

Biggest Achievement:

Over 100 takes

Apath Motors is a ROBLOX Automotive Super Car company founded in October 2011, founded by rookie RO-Racer, ApatheticAroblox.


Apath Motors was actually established when the founder (ApatheticAroblox) decided to make a test. Apa (as he is usually called) wondered how did nfsboy created his wonderful cars in DriveBLOX Unlimited. Apa searched in YouTube ,"How to make good ROBLOX cars." He found a video, and tried an expiriment. It took him half a day to build the car, and atlast it was created. The first car in AM is created, the EJ-01 Roadster. It was then after some time that Apa had the idea to create a motorcompany. A few days later, he made another one. More and more were made, and soon after 5 cars were made, Apa's best friend, scordy531 decided to make the group. Soon, AM became popular by the ROBLOXian Public, and soon celebrated their 100th take. Soon after looking at some of the cars in CF Motors, Apa decided to make a car with a wedge. And soon after 30 minutes working in ROBLOX Studio, he created the first "wedged" car in AM. The HunterG. Many days later, a good car maker, XDImpavidoXD made a car. Soon, he created more, and thus he became the first employee in AM. Soon, Apa's Formula 5 team-mate, Steaming1 decided to make a car. He did made one, and in the AM rules to become an employee is to do 1 simple job, make a car. Steaming did made a car, and thus became the 2nd employee. In October 2012, AM is planning to bring a birthday gift to AM, an HQ. The HQ is planned to be opened in mid-last October.