Alpine Motors is a selling car manufacture on roblox. Alpine Motors cars show a moderate basic look to there style. The Alpine Motors Company was founded on 9/10/12 by AlpineMotors123. AlpineMotors123 made the first cars by making them hand made on build mode. At that time, A lot of people didn't get those cars because the style looked outdated to them and called them "ugly". By over time, AlpineMotors123 improved the style on the cars. In early 2014, AlpineMotors123 got hacked from a user and the real AlpineMotors123 made a replacement alt AlpineMotors125. The Alpine Motors Company had a hard time thinking about it. AlpineMotors125 made ton of cars and made a outstanding selling records than his previous user did. One of his famous car the people got was the 2013 Alpine Motors Delpine Bus, 2015 Alpine Motors Grotto which had a ghetto ride-height for ghetto muscle-car fans, 2015 Alpine Motors G25 SuperCab (Which was the top selling cars in Alpine Motors history). One of AlpineMotors125 friends made a new group to replace the old Alpine Motors group and called it "(AMC) Alpine Motors Company" Which almost sounds like the American Motors Company.

Then on 10/15/14, It was the best day ever in Alpine Motors history, AlpineMotors125 found out a way to bring the old AlpineMotors123 back on roblox. AlpineMotors125 still builds the cars for Alpine and, AlpineMotors123 is just a replacement just in-case if AlpineMotors125 gets hacked.